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How We Work

Our Approach

We invest with conviction — not consensus.

This means: we invest when we've done the work to believe that your solution has a real, unfair shot at scale impact on the healthcare market.

Usually: these are product-based, not service, businesses.

Often: we may be the only investors who think so at the time.

And: that is okay.

Because: we're very comfortable in serving as your lead investor for a round — and working with you to unlocking the potential to realize the kinetic.

Finally: we seek to work with founders powered by the engine of 'we can learn', not that 'we already know'. One is far more extensible and never expires.

How We Invest


We don’t shy away from difficult, challenging problems. 

We believe that the most durable, highest-returns potential healthcare solutions are not sexy household names. 

We love solutions that dwell in the less-seen lift of removing friction in healthcare.

Early Stage Leaders

We typically lead seed rounds with $1-2m.

We work with founders to streamline product capability and go-to-market motions towards scale, beyond initial founder-led sales towards programmatic sales motions.


The best product doesn't win. The best distribution wins.

You already may have early signals of market validation with some paying customers.

Our dedicated Go-to-Market platform, helps you to secure more -- efficiently and repeatably.

Accelerate your Go-To-Market (GTM) Motion

We provide dedicated GTM resources to work alongside our founders. This integral expertise grants structural advantages for revenue growth, strategic target marketing, differentiated product positioning, compelling marketing content, and demand generation that converts.

  • Open and informal access to our GTM operating partner to whiteboard individual components of GTM strategy

  • Access to actionable templates and tools to start executing

  • Formal holistic engagement with our GTM operating partner with deep dives and dynamic coaching

dedicated gtm resources