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Go-To-Market Expertise

If you’re a startup founder, you know how critical it is to increase conversion rates in sales and marketing to create predictable revenue growth.

Go-to-market (GTM) strategy increases your conversion rates by decreasing the count of reasons buyers don’t buy your product.

Our GTM expertise systematically increases conversion rates through market targeting, product positioning, marketing content, and demand generation.

Dedicated GTM Partner in Health-tech

The best product doesn't win. The best distribution wins.

This is especially true in healthcare.

We are the only early-stage health tech VC that delivers core GTM resources for founders.

Together, we’ll attack the biggest challenge among seed-stage health-tech startups: ramp to repeatable revenue that gets you to the next stage of growth. Our dedicated GTM support builds the most critical GTM competencies for early-stage companies. And when you execute your GTM strategy and hit those key metrics, your next round of funding naturally follows.

Key GTM Competencies

Market Targeting
We’ll workshop specific markets and segments for your business. By identifying niche segments, you’ll get to the revenue targets investors look for in your next financing round.
Product Positioning
We help you articulate your value proposition: what are your products’ benefits, and how do those solve your users’ problems?
Become the go-to source for buyer research. We’ll help you create marketing content that fully communicates the value of your product features for your target market.
Demand Generation
Combine your marketing content with demand generation tactics to keep the problems your product solves top of mind for your target buyers. We’ll focus on demand generation to drive your buyers through the whole marketing funnel.