Madeline Bradley

Vice President

Madi loves working with tireless founders towards the shared goal of reimagining healthcare. At Healthy Ventures, she splits her time between identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, and providing real, operational support to portfolio companies. She’ll be the first to roll up her sleeves and dig into the nitty gritty of the many vagaries early startup days bring. Whether its identifying key players (early customers, new hires, follow on investors, advisors), tightening up forecasts or modeling out scenarios, finding market context, brainstorming strategy, or just giving an ear to hear – she’s on it.

Prior to joining Healthy Ventures, Madi worked in investment banking at Cascadia Capital, advising healthcare and tech companies through their mergers & acquisitions and capital raises. Her experience there reinforced the core traits companies need to graduate – a guiding principle she keeps in mind through supporting portfolio companies from their earliest days.

Madi graduated from Harvard University with an AB in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology.

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