Enmi Kendall

General Partner

Enmi feels blessed to be able to focus her energies to tackle the challenges of revamping the healthcare market.

To founders, my 25-year career in early-stage ventures is a lifelong tribute to you.

Even before I was old enough to drive or vote, I knew that founders are the human-type most interesting to me.

So from our very first conversation to each one following, I promise to bring forth an earnest curiosity about your work and your motivation for it, coupled with any insights I may have from having invested in other vertical markets a bit further along. I hope to unpack fossilized assumptions together about what should be done in healthcare -- and battle instead towards what can be done.

I believe that prepared minds and motivated hands can ultimately leapfrog cycles to trounce incumbents and competitor upstarts alike. We really do have a legitimately outsized chance of unlocking the full potential of the healthcare market. Imagine.

Enmi's invested in early-stage ventures for almost 25 years, previously as part of venture firms IDG Ventures, Boston Millennia Partners, and as an individual angel in seed-stage startups, several of which now are absolutely crushing it (go Omada, Elation, and Modern Meadow!).

Some more context: Enmi is a first-generation Korean immigrant, hailing from Seoul at age 5. Enmi graduated from Harvard University with an AB and from Wharton with an MBA. She lives with her husband and 3 kids in Marin county, California. They never considered a pandemic puppy, especially after the 7 goldfish who never made it.

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