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unlocking the full potential of healthcare

Purpose-built, early-stage venture investor focused on health tech

What do we do?

We make high-conviction, early-stage investments in health tech.

When we back a founder, we commit to bringing a bunch of things to the table:

- vigorous understanding of both healthcare and broader markets to stimulate productive convos

- Go-to-Market approach and resources to accelerate market adoption

- robust network of customer, advisor, and talent to support the founder on the (textured) journey ahead

Our Values

We live our values

Asymmetric Focus
Great opportunities are often the most overlooked
Internally and externally, we partner with those who complement
Curiosity and Rigor
'Solving' starts with a genuine desire to understand - and putting in the work to do so
With an 'owner' mentality, we work towards actions that change, not merely observe, outcomes

How We Invest

We closely consider many aspects of the healthcare market to identify a few key areas to explore investing against.

We do not boil the ocean. We focus on the most attractive, but often overlooked, ripened ponds.

These are solutions that can navigate both the technical and commercial challenges to achieve scale penetration in the healthcare market.

We bring a keen focus on unpacking Go-to-Market challenges


The healthcare needs lots of solutions - but creating them sorely isn't enough. Actually selling the solutions in a repeatable, scale way is the biggest gap we've seen among health tech founders.

Our playbook: identify the right bets + then, work the right paths.

Ready to Pitch? 

Are you a founder working to reimagine our healthcare infrastructure? We'd love to hear from you.

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Partnering with Next-Gen Healthcare Founders

Healthy VC gets in the trenches and works hard for their portfolio companies — whether it's investor introductions, strategy, or making connections, they put in the work.

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